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Started by HMdesigner, Nov 16, 2023, 08:47 PM

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I'm looking for dedicated players ... moguls that love the game more than I do, and know the game better than I do. But players that can still accept that I'll make the final decisions about gameplay functionality. Players that will still feel they are part of the process even if I don't implement their most ardent suggestions.

The HM4 message board is for paid members only, using PayPal.

Paid members get access to everything. Screen shots, the Discord server (where I'll be live streaming what I have each week), message board polls, discussions, and the right to make suggestions, and vote on polls, and gang up on me in an effort to convince me to add something. Okay, new rule, no ganging up on me.

Suggestions ... and changes ... HM4 is for you... the fans. I already made my version ... HM3. This one's for you. But I need your help.

One of the players that I've been talking to on and off for ten years writes books. His name is Jack Adkins (Coltimar on Discord). He's working on the third book in his fantasy trilogy. I mentioned how nice it would be if NetFlix made a limited series out of his books. We talked about that for awhile, and I said ... "you know, if I make a few tweaks, and about a month's work, you could make a limited series of your trilogy in HM4." And Jack said, I would love that. And just like that, it's back in the game. You'll be able to make limited series for streaming because Jack is a big fan of mine. And I'm a big fan of his. (You can find his books here.)

Another player, Mike (Ghostbuster2023 on Discord) has been after me for years to add 'Composer' to the types of people you can hire. But no one goes to a movie just for the film score. So it doesn't effect the box office. So I didn't want to include it.

Still ... it's important to Mike ... it helps the immersion for him ... and he's been a fan for a long time. So I offered him this: in the Optional Section of the PRODUCTION department, where you can choose specific locations and settings, etc, I'm going to add the ability to add a Composer. Just for Mike. And any of you that would also like to add a composer. And Mike also came up with adding Jump Scares, which is now part of the PRODUCTION department choices.

That's the type of stuff that's going to happen here on the forums. You'll be a part of actually developing the game.

I HATE the Test Screening / Re-Edit part of HM3. But I know some of you like it. Let's figure out a way for me to hate it less and keep it in the game. Or not. I'm perfectly happy to never think about it again.

Maybe the way I'm handling Talent files isn't the best way. Let's talk about it. Maybe there's a better way--

Oh ... while I'm on the subject ... in addition to the monthly subscription, you'll also be able to purchase a hard-coded record in the talent file. You can use your real name, or a pen name (nothing like Asshat McBugger, it has to at least sound like a real name).

And you can set all your attributes. Do you want to be a five-star everything that's just starting out making $50,000 ... and everyone who plays the game might try to make you into a superstar?

Or maybe you want to already be making $15 million a picture? You decide. You can buy one for yourself, your spouse, kids, as many as you want. And because there is no limit to the number of records in the talent file ... I'll just hard code you into the game.

When a new game starts, I'll add all the hard-coded records into the talent file as part of the set up. You can be an actor, a producer, a director, a writer ... or all of them. Each talent record has separate attributes for each category. You can be as interesting and diverse as you are in real life. Or hope to someday be.

What do you think? Wanna be in the game?

We all know that sometimes the randomization makes a horrible match between the title, the genre, and the roles. I fixed that. I figured out how to randomize what I want to randomize, without randomizing everything. Wanna write some source records? What if we meet up on Discord, or maybe we could dedicate a message board forum to it ... Comic Books ... or Sci-Fi novels ... or Original Screenplays. If it's your title, YOU get to be the author. Fill out some attributes, choose some roles ... together maybe we can really build a funky database of fun, fun, stuff. And since there won't be any adverse randomization ... maybe we can come up with some awesome storylines!

What do you think? Wanna be in the game?

Maybe you want more attributes for the talent file, or more attributes for the source files. Now is the time to convince me. While it's still relatively easy to add or change things.

Maybe you don't like how I'm handling the genre issue, or maybe you do but you have some ideas. Now is the time.

My plan is to put HM4 on Steam. And if you're not a fan of Steam, we'll look at GOG.

All the tiers have the exact same benefits, so if you want to be part of the HM4 deveopment process, give what you can. I'm grateful for whatever you can do to support the game development. I know you love the game as much as I do. More than I do, probably. Some of you have been playing longer than others of you have been alive.

I've set it up so that no one can see what your subscription level is. So don't feel bad, or overly good, about whatever level you choose. We're all doing the best we can. Me included.

Get your name in the game.
$25 one-time purchase per Talent Record, hard-coded into every game. You decide your talent attributes as an Actor, Director, Producer, and Writer. Set your Salary and points ... even write a bio. Note that I reserve the right to make you change your name if you choose a name like Asshat McBugger.

So that's where I'm at. I hope you want to help. I would appreciate it very much. I'm grateful that you're a fan, and I'm grateful for any help you can contribute to the development of Hollywood Mogul 4.

Thanks for your time.

And good luck at the box office!
Thank you for being a member of the HM4 community.